Raegan - 2019 LaCrosse High School Senior

Oh Raegan. This girl is a one of a kind. She is smart and kind and hilarious. I think she would get all spruced up (hair, makeup and dress) and then go out in the mud with her pig. And for her session, I was soooo excited when she said she wanted a few with her pig, Cheech. First we did a few by the river she spent time at growing up. Mom wanted her to do some fishing photos with her fishing pole, but Raegan immediately shot that down. Hahaha. Some of the best parts of that day was watching her and her mom interact! Then we went over to the property where she keeps her pig. I love how simple locations can turn out to be really beautiful! And what I love more is that these locations are meaningful to her - making her photos that much more special and nostalgic as she looks back at them.