Heidi & Dakota

I got to spend a lot of time with Heidi her senior year since she did a 4 season senior package. I know Heidi from her playing softball with my daughter so I already adored this girl! She is one of the sweetest, kindest, and happiest people I know. Due to different timing issues and wanting to do some softball related pictures at her school, we ended up splitting up her last session to fit it all in. Her boyfriend Dakota came with her so I made sure to get some of them together and had to take some of just him too.

First let's check out some photos from their downtown session. I will always love downtown photos!

Enter a Heading

See, what I mean?! Downtown sessions are awesome! Now we move on to part two. I met her and Dakota at South Central High School to do sports portraits. Heidi wanted to remember her time in dance and softball. And for Dakota we did more regular portraits and some football ones. Hopefully he has forgiven me for having him rolling around in the grass while his allergies were horrible....I felt so bad when I realized how miserable he was! He didn't complain once but I'm sure he was so happy when we were done... haha!